Mobile Unit Surgery Information

All About Animals Rescue Spay/Neuter Mobile Unit

This custom-designed vehicle allows surgical spay and neuter procedures for your pets – on 4 wheels! (Vehicle is non-moving while patients are on board). And allows us to continue our mission of No More Homeless Pets in Michigan.

Food and water?

If your pet is 4 months and younger:

  • Feed half their regular meal early morning the day of surgery.
  • Allow access to fresh water at all times.

If your pet is older than 4 months:

  • Do NOT feed anything after midnight the night before surgery, including nothing to eat the morning of surgery.
  • DO allow access to fresh water at all times.

Please note – we cannot do surgery on the Mobile Unit if you pet is 8 years or older, weighs 66 pounds or more, is pregnant or nursing kittens (we can do the surgery at our Warren office, please call 586-879-1745 to schedule it).  For all locations, the pets must be at least 8 weeks old and kittens should be at least 2 pounds.

Day of the surgery

All cats/kittens must arrive secured in a carrier. All dogs/puppies must arrive securely leashed.

Arrive at your appointment location at 7 AM.

Please leave your pet in your vehicle until we have reviewed our paperwork with you. We must have a working phone number, where you will answer when we call, in case of an emergency.

CHECK-IN may take up to 2 hours to process all patients – please adjust your availability accordingly. We do NOT allow drop-off’s, as you must be present during your pet’s physical exam.  It is important that we are able to ask questions while we are performing the exam.

Order of CHECK-IN may be random, at our discretion, based on what is best for the patient(s). We appreciate your patience!

Be prepared to complete payment at check-in – cash or credit card (Visa, Mastercard) only.

Vaccines/heartworm or FELV/FIV testing/dewormer/flea-tick preventative/heartworm prevention/microchips are available only for SURGERY PATIENTS. Click here for further information and pricing, or ask at check -in (Pricing is the same as at our Detroit, Warren & Auburn Hills Wellness clinic locations.) For Wellness-Only services call 586-879-1745.

Your pet will stay aboard our Spay/Neuter-mobile for anesthesia and surgery that morning. (Vehicle is non-moving while patients are on board.) Click here for an “insiders” view of your pet’s care.

Pick up/Discharge

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME FOR DISCHARGE, which is based on that day’s surgery caseload. Once we are packed up and ready to go, we will return to our Warren location. If your pet has not been discharged by the time we are ready to leave, you must pick the pet up at the Warren clinic at 23451 Pinewood, Warren, MI 48091

Discharge may take up to 1 hour to release all patients – please be patient. We can’t give you your pet until we process paperwork and review your pet’s after care instructions with you – we want to make sure they safe once they leave our care!

Order of discharge may be random, at our discretion, based on what is best for the patient(s). We appreciate your patience!

Please call 586-879-1745 for any questions

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENT – please,contact us 586-879-1745 so another pet can benefit!  We do have a waiting list.

*****Please note that we reserve the right to reserve the right to refuse surgery on a patient for any reason.